There it is.

Our future abode

It looks so well, incomplete… Am not sure why the temporary fence is situated so close, and with lamp posts just a foot away on the other side. The guard sure as heck didn’t know the fence wasn’t permanent when I asked him about it. Can’t wait to take a tape measure there to see where my lot ends 🙂 My castle. Far removed from inconsiderate neighbours that park their vehicles outside their homes, restricting the use of a third of public roadways. Adios, smog from one of the busiest residential area streets this side of the Straits of Johor.

It'll look like this??

The show house.

That’s gaudy. The orange has got to go. In the foreground, a quarter of what this is all for. Thinking about renovations makes me incontinent… No, I kid. But it’s still some scary stuff. Enough to give grown men rabid fiscal nightmares.


Uniforms in stark vivid contrast

While we’re on new chapters, I joined aikido recently. Figured if I was ever going to get some exercise, why not another martial art? Can’t possibly kick and punch and scream at 10,000 rpm like I used to. Unassuming white again. Oh well.

Hopefully with a bit of practice, that white belt will turn blue in a few months. I’m thoroughly enjoying it though! Just have to figure out a way not to get injured before class. First, while play wrestling with friends, got my rib kicked out of its default position. The following week, I slipped on slick rocks near the crest of the Kota Tinggi waterfall and slammed my ass into them, coccyx first.


Shiro in his new cot

And now for a random image. Shiro in his new cot. Melissa brought it back from work. It’s actually the basket for some get-well flowers from patients at her ward.

Making a best friend happy – priceless.