We went last June, and we were in Phuket in the previous June as well. Just can’t get enough of the laid back, walking around with beer-can in hand afternoons, getting blinded by the lights at night, all the while with a stiff sea-breeze blowing, environment.



Clockwise from bottom left: Grace, Suphin, Joyce, Chong, me, Tai. Taken on our 2008 trip. The restaurant along Patong beach was quite pricey but that’s to be expected. Somebody has to pay for their advertising. You are literally bombarded by a truckload of billboard ads and ads in every tourist handout enticing you to eat at Savoy the minute you reach HKT.



With the local denizens at Patong beach. Always a great a place to hang out. They have some really creative drinking games that tax your focus. Foreigners cannot smack the nail in with less tries than us, they’re thinking. Sure to order more rounds of beer after losing, they’re thinking. This bunch of foreigners took them to the cleaners though 🙂



Imagine the tour guide saying to the Hokkien auntie “Yah, next we go da Similan center.” Auntie will be like WT… Arcade centre at the Phuket Fantasea attraction. They’ve got a fairly decent Vegas type show going on with elephants and some hilarious trained chickens.